Cat Urine Color Chart: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Colors

The color of your cat’s pee can offer some clues to their overall health. Check out our cat urine color chart and learn key symptoms to pay attention to.

As a pet parent, you can do a lot to track your cat’s general health and well-being. You might, for instance, monitor their eating habits and regularly check their skin for signs of irritation, like scabs or hair loss. One more helpful tactic involves checking the color of their pee and comparing it to a cat urine color chart.

The color of your cat’s urine can point to several different urinary-related problems, which aren’t unusual in cats, according to Dr. Alexa O’Daniel, an emergency doctor at the Veterinary Emergency Group. “A common reason we see cats in the emergency room is due to urinary issues,” she says. 

Most changes in your cat’s urine are worth getting checked out by a professional, but some require more urgent attention than others. If your cat can’t produce any urine at all, this is a medical emergency, Dr. O’Daniel says. 

Below, learn what color your cat’s pee should be—and a few key signs it’s time to call your veterinarian.

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