Solar Powered Cat Feeder (SPCF): 6 Steps (with Pictures)

After owning dozens of colored but lifeless cat bowls and food dispensers I decided to build something with more soul.Solar Powered Cat Feeder (SPCF) Is a DIY cat (or dog, or human, or robot) feeder controlled with a smartphone or over the web (I did not use the web because I don’t want my cat to be hacked by Russians).For the motor I used a clever device called SOMA Smart Shades. ( It’s basically a smartphone-controlled motor for window shades but I thought why not try it out as a pet feeder. It has all the features I wanted: time triggers, strong enough motor and most importantly: safety features (so it would not be dangerous to my pet even if something malfunctions) Let’s get started!Materials I used for this project: 1x Soma Smart Shades window shade motorization device 1x Linear guide rail, you can use whichever you like I use

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